Frequently Asked Questions (General)

Sierra Sown is a mix of cyanotype art prints, jewelry and upcycled apparel made with topographic maps and pressed flowers from the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Sierra Sown is also you and it is me.

It is every person who has ever found themselves in the Sierras, walking under the redwood trees, on top of granite mountain peaks or jumping into those high alpine lakes or cool mountain streams. It is for those who are wild, who are curious, who strive to take in their surroundings… and for those who find solace amongst the natural worlds and have planted themselves amongst these places, be it for a day, a week or an entire lifetime

After years of seasonal life guiding on rivers in the summers, traveling close within the states and far to international destinations in the winters, and a couple of years based in Hawaii, I’ve found myself currently planted on a beautiful property in the foothills of the Sierras, in a little town called Mariposa, just outside of Yosemite National Park.

They are from little bits of everywhere! I’ve been pressing the flowers that pop up every Spring on my property for a couple of years so the majority of what I use comes from my very own property. Others come from the gardens of friends, from gifted bouquets, and others are sustainably picked from walks out and about.

Yep. I got into woodworking a couple years ago and the first things I made were a couple flower presses before getting distracted by other creative endeavors. The flower presses live on. The woodworking is still a learning adventure over on the way-side. Pressing flowers is a zen process and I love it.

Yes! No! Maybe so! That depends! But highly likely if it’s a great fit for both of us. Let’s chat! Send me a DM via one of the social media platforms listed (in this site’s footer) or get in touch by email which you can access through the Contact form on this website.

Sign up for my email list! Stay tuned on Social Media! Sign up for my email list! Did I mention … sign up for my email list? A handy form for newsletter/email sign-ups is at the bottom of every page on this site!

Cyanotype Information

Cyanotype is an alternate photography process first created in 1842 by Sir John Herschel to reproduce his own notes. It gained popularity when Anna Atkins used the process to preserve algae specimens in her own book a few years later. Due to its inexpensive process, it was used to repurpose plans and technical drawings into what we now know as blueprints. The process has been used since then as an alternative photographic printing process.

I use a classic cyanotype process by coating my materials in two solutions that when combined become light sensitive. I create designs and patterns with pressed flowers and other natural objects and then expose the materials in the sun to create individual one-of-a-kind designs. Magic from the sun!

Cyanotype prints on fabrics are archival and meant to last for many years. However, they can be susceptible to yellowing or fading if exposed to phosphates or alkaline environments. Minimize washing. If you need to, hand wash in cold water only and hang to dry. Use a non-phosphate detergent. If your print does fade over time, you can soak the print in a mixed bath of water and diluted hydrogen peroxide, which will bring the color back to its full potential.

Wear it! But really, Sierra Sown jewelry is meant to be worn and loved and to go on adventures and be part of all the good things in life. Earrings are made with a combination of natural wood, fabric and resin. So maybe don’t go swimming or dunk them under water for extended periods of time. I’ll work on that longevity experimentation and get back to you. If at any time, something happens to your pieces, let me know! Satisfaction guaranteed, babay.

Shop Information

In cyberspace (online): available products can be found in this website’s Shop at

In Real Life: at various events and makers markets and shops throughout the Sierras. Add yourself to my email list to stay up to date on shop updates, events, and new locations to find Sierra Sown in person!

Thrift stores, baby! Vintage shops. My friends. Flea markets. Consignment shops. More thrift stores. Everything is upcylced, keeping a whole lot of goods out of landfills and making things look a whole lot cooler than they looked before. I have dreams of eventually printing my original designs on different garments (crop-tops anyone?!), so when that happens, I’ll do my best to source sustainable and eco-friendly materials and garments.

Graphic prints of my original designs are printed and fulfilled by a print-on-demand partner, with blanks from socially responsible, eco-conscious sources. Print-on-demand products are made especially for you only when you place an order. Making products on demand instead of in bulk helps reduce overproduction and inventory costs with savings passed on to you.

I try to source items that fit a plethora of people, of all shapes and sizes. In each shop update, I will try my best to offer a range of sizes. Since I source everything second-hand (except for print-on-demand products), the sizes can seem a bit whacky. If you don’t see something in your size in my online shop, consider getting in touch for a custom piece with something that already fits you well.

Yes! No! Maybe so! That depends! But highly likely if it’s a great fit for both of us. I love making magic out of already-loved items that fit you perfectly, but what I can do depends on a lot of factors. Get in touch through my website Contact form and let’s see what we can make happen!

Yes, I do. Retailers interested in wholesale information should contact me via the form on the Contact  page. Please be sure to include your own contact information (email, phone, address) and the name of the store for which you would be purchasing Sierra Sown products.

Shop updates are periodic announcements of upcoming new products and/or designs. They will go live on the date indicated. Products are limited, so be sure to mark your calendar!

Custom orders are first requested via the Contact form on this website. From there, we will discuss your wishes and needs, and I will let you know whether or not they might be possible. You would then send to me your precious garment, insured with tracking, to the address provided, and I will proceed to create your custom order. Once it is finished (allow up to 3-4 weeks from receipt of your item), I will ship it back to you.

Information about shipping and returns is available on the Shipping & Returns page. Be sure to read carefully before placing your order!

Privacy Policy

Your privacy and security are important to me. Your information will never be sold, shared, or traded. Your information is never used for any purpose other than to contact you regarding orders you have made on this website or, if you have chosen, to update you with news on specials or new products via email at an address you have provided. You may opt out at any time. Please note that by using this site, you consent to this website privacy policy.

Information is collected from you when you register on this site, place an order, or subscribe to the newsletter. When ordering or registering on this site, you will be asked to enter your name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number and payment (credit/debit card) information as appropriate. However, you may always visit this site anonymously.