Sierra Sown

cyanotype | botanicals | resin | metal

life-inspired goods for those who are wild | slow-crafted and handmade in the sierra foothills


Always Available At:

Lupins Acupuncture + Herbs | Mariposa, CA

Upcoming Events:

Santa Cruz Mountain Sol Music Festival
September 15, 16, & 17, 2023
Roaring Camp Meadows • Felton, CA

Past Events:

High Sierra Music Festival | Quincy, CA

Art, Wine & Wheels | Mariposa, CA

Rambling Peaks Music Festival | Bishop, CA

Sticks Coffee Shop | Mariposa, CA

Yosemite Craft Bazaar | Curry Village Pavilion, Yosemite Valley, CA

The Grove House Holiday Market | 4993 5th Street, Mariposa, CA

Stay tuned for more upcoming events!

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RAD Hats!

"Just wanted to reach out to you to say thank you because, as I wear this RAD hat you made, I am filled with inspiration. Something about the way your art transmutes all that sweet goodness the earth offers feels so powerful.”

A promise of brighter days with more soul...

“What strikes me about your work—I want to keep a thread going in my mind on this—is that it inspires “an ushering in” of something new. Not an older time we’re returning to, but a promise of brighter days with more soul, unique caringly cultivated moments with wild nature inspiring everything we do. Each of us has something soulful that drives us, makes us decide to follow paths we do, to create things and add to the world. I love the vibrant creative wild way you’ve come upon your contributions and products. It’s full of energy and I hope to see more and more of in the future we are walking in to”
Ruth Smiley 


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